Angel Investors Award nCrypted Cloud $3M

Once a business reverts all of their storage to public cloud, all that an intruder needs is a password to access the raw data. Once data is encrypted in the cloud, another layer of protection is added to the data that you have entrusted inside the cloud. While many nimbler and more basic options are available, nCrypted Cloud is a solution that adds another layer of protection to your data that is robust, manageable and auditable.

Some industries require detailed audit reports. This could be required by law or by internal compliance. When you have an entire department collaborating on a project in the cloud, your risk of data breach only goes up. The risk of not actually knowing who is accessing the data and what they are doing with it becomes important as well. Solutions such as nCrypted Cloud provide peace of mind to businesses who have decided to store sensitive data in the public cloud.
nCrypted Cloud has attracted angel investors from companies such as Microsoft, Broadcom, Cisco and other tech giants. Nicholas Stamos is the founder of nCrypted Cloud and he is no stranger to the venture capital world. Known as a serial tech entrepreneur, Stamos has started other successful tech companies and many of these angel investors have faith that nCrypted Cloud is the next big thing in the cloud storage security sector.
In an interview with TechCrunch, Stamos mentioned, “The PCS model nCrypted Cloud implements enables IT to delegate the responsibility of protecting shared data in the cloud to their end users. But with responsibility comes accountability. nCrypted Cloud provides network agnostic, device agnostic, and cloud storage agnostic forensic level data usage auditing, allowing centralized visibility and oversight of user activity.”
Stamos went on to talk about how this app has generated in excess of 100 million audits. With the addition of the $3M into nCrypted Cloud’s war chest, you can expect that 100 million figure to skyrocket within the coming months.