Animmersion Co-Founder to Change Role to Focus on North-East Growth

One of the co-founders of Animmersion is changing his role within the company to better accommodate a wider digital sector.

Dominic Lusardi is wanting to spend more time focusing on the growth and development of North-East digital clusters. He feels that there has been a success in the establishment of Animmersion and the intended target industries, now he wants to take what they have created and facilitate further growth both at home and in overseas capacities.

He wants to change his focus from being solely on Animmersion and spend time focusing on other organizations and supporting those who are earlier in their development. He hopes in doing so will widen the digital reach in the area.

Animmersion is one of the leading digital visualization experts in the UK. They have over a decade of experience and produce cutting edge interactive solutions in industries like energy and engineering. They are credited with working on such products as 3D holograms for North York Moors National Park and the immersive experience at Life Science Centre in Newcastle.

Lusardi’s co-founding partner, Samuel Harrison will become the managing director at Animmersion. His support will come from the new business development director Steve Carpenter who has been tasked with maintaining the current and continued expansion within the UK and International market.

Harrison has been a valued part of the growth at Animmersion. He was the senior virtual reality designer at Teesside University prior to co-founding the company with Lusardi. Harrison’s ability to implement new tech solutions and skill development within the company’s workforce has been key in managing their UK and United States clients.

Harrison’s role as the managing director should be almost seamless with very little disruption. The plan is to maintain the same high levels of quality and innovation that the company has become known for while strengthening their roles within their own region while Lusardi strengthens the evolution of the company externally.