Anixter Celebrates The Opening Of Their New Facility At California

The ribbon cutting launching ceremony of the new Anixter facility witnessed the presence of a number of well- wishers, employees and customers. Partners and representatives from the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce were also around to partake in the tour of the new facility, as such there was a vast opportunity for new networking development and product demonstration.

Due to the centralized location of this new facility, it is more accessible to customers who will like to have training sessions and also for them to meet one to one with their sales representatives. The facility space is also one that can easily be interchanged, depending on the event to be hosted, its space is such that it can be changed from an official workspace to a training workspace that will cater for customers as need arises.

The new facility will serve as a point for which different people from across various fields will converge and work together closely  to create new innovative solutions that are highly productive and valuable for clients. Currently, there are about 100 employees who will be focused on working from this venue, these employees come from a range of industries including business, sales, marketing and the likes. There are also ongoing plans to recruit more hands as the year runs by.

Bill Geary, Anixter’s EVP Network & Security Solutions, headed the tour round the new facility and he shared knowledge on the full solution services type offered by the firm. He also expressed eagerness at the productive output that will be derived from getting everyone within a particular workspace to work closely together. This collaboration is aimed at deriving more ground breaking innovations that will serve in providing customers with high valued services.