Apple Announces New Data Center in Reno, NV

Reno, Nevada is rapidly becoming a hot bed for data center innovation. While many around the world may not realize it, Reno is attracting some of the latest and greatest in data center technology.
Apple has already established a data center presence in Reno. Apple’s original data center project in Reno was dubbed Project Mills. The data center has been such a success that Apple has decided to build additional facilities in Reno, using the code-name: Project Huckleberry.
Apple already had plans to extend construction on Project Mills. The Project Huckleberry endeavor will give Apple several additional data center clusters, including a support building. Apple’s cloud services are expected to be sold out of these data centers.
“It’s a whole different set of buildings but it looks like it is going to be essentially the same design as Project Mills, only turned perpendicularly to the east,” mentions Trevor Lloyd, a senior planner who works with Washoe County Planning and Development’s Community Services.
The news of Apple adding more buildings onto its campus was first realized when the company began applying for additional building permits. Rumor has it that Apple has been bursting at the seams at their current Reno facility, thus justifying the need for additional data center clusters within the region.
The news of Apple constructing a new a data center in Reno may not come as a surprise to those within the region.
Reno has quietly become one of the biggest hubs for data center innovation in the world. This is evidenced by the fact that other high profile technology organizations have setup shop in the region.
For example, the RGJ reports that Switch’s SuperNAP colocation data center is currently being built just outside of Reno.
When this data center is complete, it will become the biggest colocation data center in the world.
Rackspace is also building a new data center near the new Apple data center cluster in Reno, while organizations like Tesla have invested over $5 billion dollars to construct their internationally notorious Gigafactory which will produce next generation automobiles.