Apple Developing Satellite Tech to Aid its Devices

Apple is upping the game in adding support for its devices. The company has reportedly started working on satellite technology that they intend to see in operating within the next five years. Satellites could provide extensive support for existing apple features such as maps, coverage, tracking, and a lot more. However, while the project is underway, the company refuses to say anything about their endgame. There is no indication as to whether Apple will be developing its own satellites or using the hardware of other companies to meet their needs.

Steadily Increasing Development

With a working satellite system of its own, Apple could slowly start moving away from carriers and decide to offer its own internet and mobile phone system. In the case of users who already utilize other mobile networks, signal coverage and location-based apps would have improved accuracy. The department that deals with Apple’s satellite ambitions is headed by a pair of aerospace engineers, John Fenwick and Michael Trela, both formerly of Skybox Imaging, which was acquired by Google in 2014.

Not the Only Tech Company Interested in Satellites

The satellite tech boom of the 90s saw many companies bring in lots of funding and then ultimately fail due to technological challenges. launching a satellite today is still expensive, but no longer as difficult today as it was back then. Both Amazon and Elon Musk’s SpaceX are working on getting their own satellites into space to enable internet coverage. Both companies have reportedly started launching constellations of satellites into low-earth orbit to achieve their aims.

The Future of Apple’s Devices?

Apple certainly has an edge of many other companies when it comes to development, However, historically, the company hasn’t been much of an innovator, with many of their newer devices accused of being derivative. Satellite coverage may be the direction that Apple might decide to go to enhance its reputation as an innovator in the industry. Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly taken an interest in the project. Only time will tell if it turns out to be a success.