Apple's Cloud Based Live TV Service to be Released in 2016

Image Attribution: Flickr

Consumers looking forward to the release of Apple’s much anticipated live TV service will have to wait until 2016 in order to enjoy their favorite channels being streamed to them over the internet. Apple had initially indicated that the service would be available this year, however, sources close to Apple mention that the plan to release the service will likely become available sometime in 2016 instead.
It’s no secret that Apple has changed the landscape with their music download service iTunes while simultaneously revolutionizing the mobile industry with the iPhone. Could Apple have the same impact on the cloud based live television market?
According to those in the know, Apple is slowly making progress by negotiating with large media outlets such as CBS and 21st Century Fox in order gain the rights necessary to begin streaming their services through Apple’s cloud. One insider quoted by Bloomberg, mentioned that Apple may not currently have the infrastructure needed to offer up a glitch-free live television viewing experience.
Apple’s Live TV streaming service will likely be controlled by a set top box and industry insiders say that Apple’s price point on the new service currently sits around $40 per month. According to experts, the $40 per month price tag roughly equates to half of what American consumers typically pay for cable television services.
Could the price point be part of the delay in rolling out the new service? BuzzFeed reported that the Apple Live TV streaming services would have initially been unveiled at a media event taking place in September of this year. Bloomberg mentions that TV stations would likely want more revenue for their services, not less. Does the math add up on the $40 per month price point for Apple? As the “Cord Cutting” trend continues to pick up steam, Apple’s upcoming live TV service could revolutionize the way we watch television in our homes and on the go.