AppRiver’s Office 365 Security Solution Delivers “Protect-Detect-Correct” Capabilities

Image Attribution: Flickr

AppRiver has announced a new product lineup that will enhance the security of an Office 365 deployment. AppRiver’s suite seemlessly integrates into Office 365, giving end users and administrators peace of mind when making the switch to cloud based email. AppRiver’s Office 365 security solution is comprised of 3 main components. These components are called SecureTide, CipherPost Pro and SecureSurf.
AppRiver’s SecureTide enhances Office 365′s security by offering additional spam and virus protection for enterprise users.  AppRiver cites a report put out by Verizon that mentions 1 in 4 enterprise users could open a phishing message. Of those that click on the phony email, 50% navigate to a website that is infected with malware. SecureTide is a proactive solution that helps organizations mitigate these risks by removing them before the end user is able to make a mistake.
CipherPost Pro
Does your organization send emails with sensitive details? CipherPost Pro helps organizations keep these messages private by offering encryption that integrates directly into Office 365. CipherPost Pro helps your business stay within its compliance and regulatory framework by offering the ability to securely send email, documents and attachments through Office 365.
The SecureSurf component helps organizations avoid virus and malware infections by acting as a barrier between end users and the outside internet. SecureSurf uses firewalls, alerts, intrusion detections and data forensics in order to detect threats before the end user is able to access the malicious data.
SecureSurf’s cloud insulates your business from attacks. Let’s say a customer unknowingly sends an email with a link to an employee in a company and the link directs the end user to an infected website. With SecureSurf, the content would be filtered before it hits the end users screen, thus providing a proactive threat solution versus a reactive solution.
More information about AppRiver can be found on AppRiver’s website.