Apriva and AveriGo Jointly Announce Platform for Quickly Launching Micro Markets

Apriva, LLC, a technology company providing an adaptive platform for secure mobile communications and omnichannel payments, and AveriGo, LLC, a software solutions provider for the vending and food/beverage service industries, today announced a disruptive new technology for launching micro markets without upfront equipment, network, or software costs. This mobile-first solution allows vending operators to launch new micro markets in a matter of hours and profitably deploy even at small locations.

AveriGo’s patent-pending mobile solution helps vending operators set up and run markets without upfront kiosk costs, without needing technology expertise, and without making customers wait in lines to purchase at peak times. “All you need is a cooler, some shelves, and our Bluetooth beacon at each location, Shoppers simply download our app and they’re ready to grab, buy, and go.” said Wilfred Martis, Vice President of Marketing at AveriGo.

David Riddiford, President at Apriva, commented, “AveriGo has built a powerful mobile solution that resolves the problem of large upfront investments impeding the growth of micro markets,We’re proud to work with them on this innovative solution, delivering the reliable, secure payment options their vending operators—and their vending consumers—expect when buying from unattended markets.”

The Apriva team worked closely with AveriGo development teams to integrate payments into a secure mobile app that customers could leverage to expedite their shopping experiences. The app is needed to integrate the AveriGo Markets functionality, plus support credit and debit purchases from consumer cards, and leverage Apriva’s mobile payment expertise.

The AveriGo Markets Bluetooth beacon, smartphone app, and cloud application enable vending operators to deploy markets quickly and inexpensively. A unique ID, tied to the micro-market location, is transmitted by the Bluetooth beacon placed at the location. The ID makes the market become visible and lets the app know which product catalog to fetch from the cloud application. The shopper then scans or browses/searches products, adds them to the cart, and then purchases them with a credit/debit card, all on the app. No kiosk hardware or Internet access required, no upfront costs, and no ongoing maintenance costs. By turning each shopper’s smartphone into a personal kiosk, the app removes queues and wait-times for shoppers and provides vending operators with instant access to rich data on market traffic, sales, inventory, and shopping behavior.

“Beyond the convenience of the mobile experience, the app also enables a compelling way to feature new products, promote slow-moving or expiring products, and tailor deals to users, products, and even time periods as desired,” said Martis.