Arctic Security Adds New Updates to Their Cyber Threat Intelligence Products

With the increase in the awareness of cyber threats to organizations rapidly rising daily, cyber threat intelligence has also been seen to be on the rapid rise. In the light of this, Arctic security has added new threat feed integrations to their list of cyber threat intelligence products. Akamai and Group-IB threat feed integrations, which are the new additions to this list, will help cyber security centers gain more advanced understanding on cyber threats around them.

According to a statement released by David Chartier, CEO at Arctic Security, “With the recent additions of Akamai and Group-IB threat feeds we are happy to reach close to 100 feed integrations in our Arctic Hub and Arctic Node products. We feel it is important to have a big selection of feeds for our customers to choose from so that they can customize the best cyber threat intelligence for their needs.”

Arctic security, which is a cyber-security company based in Finland, is an organization known for its focus on cyber security with a goal to eliminate cyber threats in enterprises. Asides keeping companies fully aware of these threats to their business, they also help to develop ways to address these risks and protect themselves against the threats and also decrease the risk of future occurrence of these risks to the companies.

They run with two major software products to achieve this goal. These software products include; the Arctic hub, which is a whole line of software products used for various purposes. This is majorly to automate the cyber threat intelligence cycle by sharing the threat level and information to businesses, harmonizing incoming data, getting feedbacks from customers and also helping customers to control the exact product wanted. The Arctic node, on the other hand, collects the information gotten from the arctic hub and fixes the threat, making businesses more resilient in cyber security.

With the recent addition of Akamai and Group-IB threat feed integrations to the Arctic Hub and the Arctic Node products, businesses are assured of more detailed information and advanced protection against cyber threats through cyber threat intelligence.