Are Cybersecurity Professionals Feeling More Pressure to Perform?

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Trustwave has just released its findings from their 2016 Security Pressures Report.
In this report, Trustwave presents deep analysis from 1,414 security professionals (non-contracted, full time employees) in which Trustwave probed for the pressures of their day to day tasks.
This is the third year in a row that Trustwave has published this report.
Trustwave indicates that their questioning revolved along the lines of the greatest threats to the organization, with many of the questions asking about security practices in general.
The most important statistic from this report suggests that 63% of IT professionals felt more pressured to provide a more secured infrastructure within the past 12 months.
65% go on to say that they feel pressured in 2016. These two numbers jumped by an average of 8.5% from last year’s findings.
Trustwave found that Skills, or the lack thereof, is also adding to the pressures of being an information security analyst.
Emerging technologies seem to hamper a security professionals ability to keep up with the latest advanced persistent threats.
77% of respondents said that they feel rushed to roll out projects that may not be properly hardened from a security standpoint.
Respondents believe that IoT was the second most riskiest technology, behind cloud computing of course. Respondents found that the recent uptick in popularity around IoT has caused businesses to rush it’s implementation with work environments.
“Security professionals live in a unique and stressful environment, defined by conflict with faceless attackers as well as internal threats,” mentions Steve Kelley, CMO at Trustwave.
“Businesses rely on information security more than ever before and the pressure to show measurable success is taking a toll on security practitioners,” adds Kelley.
Trustwave went on to comment that many organizations are turning to managed service providers to help augment the security around their networks.
View the entire 2016 Security Pressures Report from Trustwave.