Ariel Tseitlin to Join Scale Ventures

Ariel Tseitlin first rose to fame in the tech world by becoming the Director of Cloud Services for Netflix. While assuming the role of Director of Cloud Services, Netflix thrived and became what it is today built on the expertise and know-how of Mr. Tseitlin. Ariel Tseitlin held this position for about 3 years and he has since decided to move over to the venture capital world.

Scale Ventures has brought in Ariel Tseitlin in an effort to help build out new and existing venture cloud infrastructures using the same principles that made Netflix what it is today. Ariel Tseitlin was instrumental in helping Netflix realize something that all businesses should adapt whether or not they have an online store front or if they are a brick and mortar business. Using customer data is essential to providing a service that users want to continuously use. Netflix enacted on this and this is why users are greeted by movies and shows that are recommended to them based on their previous viewing preferences. Ariel Tseitlin hopes to use this basic tidbit of business knowledge coupled with his vast experience in the cloud technology sector in order to help Scale Ventures start-ups become successful.
Many cloud engineers are family with Ariel Tseitlin because of the open source tools he has created that help troubleshoot cloud infrastructure problems. If you have ever used Chaos Monkey or Asgard in efforts to troubleshoot or deploy cloud services, you have used a product created by Mr. Tseitlin.
Scale Ventures is located in Foster City, California. The venture capital fund has been instrumental in bringing together the top tech talent coupled with the appropriate vision to move these companies forward and help them achieve their objectives. Scale Ventures has been associated with start-ups such as DocuSign, Pubnub, ExactTarget and DataStax.