Arista's CloudVision Provides Turnkey Networking Automation Solution

Image Attribution: Flickr

CloudVision is a new networking automation product that provides workload orchestration and automation within your environment. The software defined networking (SDN) approach to CloudVision provides organizations with a more efficient method of architecting their networks while providing interoperability with broad range of physical and virtual solutions.
CloudVision was built on top of the popular Arista EOS. Arista says that they have also included programmable interfaces that provide agnostic support for network workload orchestration using OVSDB, JSON and OpenStack plugins.
This means that you can implement Arista CloudVision to work alongside some of your most popular automation applications such as Chef or Puppet. CloudVision also provides administrators with several abilities such as:
Real Time Networking Analytics: Instead of polling each device on an interval, CloudVision gives you a real time look at your network traffic.
Zero Touch Provisioning:  Simplifies the process of installing and configuring new switches.
Compliance Dashboard: A centralized management hub that allows you to configure security policies, audit your network and deploy patches.
Troubleshooting: Quickly identify problems in your network using built-in tracers such as VM Tracer, Latency Analyzer, MapReduce Tracer, sFlow and more.
Supports a Broad Range of Vendors: Arista says that CloudVision supports Dell, F5, VMWare, HP, Microsoft and other ecosystems
Hatem Naguib, Vice President of Networking and Security at VMware, was quoted in a press release as saying, “Through interoperability between our portfolio of software-defined data center offerings and the new Arista CloudVision solution, our mutual customers can move forward with confidence to achieve their IT goals of a more automated, secure, and highly available data center that drives business value.”
If you’re interested in learning more about CloudVision and how it can help you achieve your networking goals, Arista is hosting an online webinar that is set to kick off on Thursday, July 16th at 10AM PDT. Registration is free and the event only lasts 45 minutes.