Artificial Intelligence Making Breakthroughs in Operational Excellence

More and more businesses are adapting artificial intelligence (AI) to create automated responses to critical IT functions. This streamlined automation process is changing the way that both IT professionals and business leaders approach day to day work. By removing the human element in areas where it is not needed, artificial intelligence can create infrastructures that repair themselves.

With recent developments in artificial intelligence, businesses of virtually any size can automate operations infrastructures to create robust machine learning protocols. That means that the technology can fix and resolve problems as soon as they’re found.

These types of programs are known as “self-healing” artificial intelligence protocols, leading to improved IT repair response times, lower costs, and more reliable networks and business infrastructures.

Well-known companies are already beginning to replace manual labor with artificial intelligence automation, allowing skilled IT professionals to spend more time on key initiatives rather than focusing on routine troubleshooting. From aggregating and transferring large amounts of data while reducing errors to real-time CPU and RAM monitoring and adjustments, the possibilities for artificial intelligence are virtually endless.

Some advanced algorithms can actually predict issues before they happen, taking a proactive approach to applying the appropriate resolutions. Artificial intelligence-powered solutions are taking the business world by storm, with many international corporations planning to adopt some form of AI in the next few years.

The key benefits of “self-healing” AI solutions are the ability to reduce the time it takes to resolve a problem, the ability to proactively address issues before they happen, the significant potential for cost savings, and the ability to improve the user experience.

IBM is leading the way in artificial intelligence implementation, creating new and exciting developments that are designed to help businesses streamline their operations, reduce operating costs, and create new, innovative business solutions.