Astrotech Announces a New Development for its Explosives Test Detector

Astrotech has achieved a major milestone and the corporation has not failed to share the great news with the rest of the world. Astrotech has announced the news of how its subsidiary, 1st Detect has received an official certification from the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). This certification is valid for both cargo and passenger screening for its explosives trace detector (ETD), the TRACER 1000.

This new development; the collection of the certification, marks the beginning of an entirely new era of savings and efficiency. The CEO of Astrotech, Thomas B. Pickens III, reported that the TRACER 1000 which has characteristics such as a near-zero false alarm rate, was designed in a bid to cut down risks, hurry the passenger lanes while saving airports the several hundreds of millions budgeted for screening costs.

The CEO of Astrotech also reported that for many decades, Airport security personnel have been caught with the struggles of cumbersome ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) based ETDs and how in this new era, Astrotech is set to combat such issues by speeding up the lanes and ending such pat-downs. The tracer 1000 ETD technology is without doubt the solution the industry has been seeking.

Since the invention of the technology, many potential customers have come for demonstrations which have gone through extraordinarily well. The highly-rated mass spectrometry technology increases the ability to detect threats and reduces the costs of operation. For this amazing technology, 1st Detect (a company that manufactures, develops and sells chemical analyzers for its use in various industries such as defense, healthcare and security markets) is taking orders internationally, as clients can’t  seem to get enough of TRACER 1000.

This certification and the relentless efforts of Astrotech speak of their commitment to managing, launching and building scalable companies based on thriving technology.