AT&T Cybersecurity Collaborates with Cygilant to Assist Mid-Sized Organizations

Cygilant, a renowned provider of Cybersecurity-as-a-Service mid-sized organizations, today revealed that it has partnered with the AT&T Cybersecurity Partner Program to assist AlienVault USM wherever customers with managed security services.

Many organizations do not have enough resources to uphold monitoring around-the-clock monitoring and the kind of analysis necessary to effectively discover threats to security, investigate alerts and give quick responses to incidents in a timely fashion.

Adding Cygilant to their AlienVault USM Anywhere implementations, customers have the ability to gain access to an affordable SOC-as-a-Service solution which incorporates expert Cybersecurity Advisors as well as Cygilant’s SOCVue platform to supply world-class Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities.

“Security is a right, not a privilege – but it takes more than just technology to be secure. You need to match it with the right people and processes to drive the maximum protection possible. The combination of Cygilant’s expertise and field-proven methods with our AlienVault USM technology makes for a truly powerful cybersecurity program,” said Mike LaPeters, Vice President, Global Channel Sales at AT&T Cybersecurity.

In the very words of Bryan Buck, SVP/Security Officer, CTO at SouthStar Bank, “The alliance between AT&T Cybersecurity and Cygilant is a powerful one. We benefit greatly from this best-of-both-worlds approach – the world-class unified security management from AlienVault USM Anywhere and the dedicated cybersecurity expertise and resources of Cygilant together give us the strong defense we need.”

Some benefits of Cygilant’s subscription-based services to maximize the value of AlienVault USM Anywhere implementations are:

  • Better Cybersecurity
  • Easier Compliance

The Vice President of Global Sales and Services, TJ Alvino said, “At Cygilant, we pride ourselves on delivering great customer experiences. We work diligently as an organization to provide enterprise-class security programs to our customers. Our SOC and dedicated Cybersecurity Advisors provide the 24x7x365 monitoring and protection needed in today’s world. AT&T Cybersecurity’s technology and our platform, service and expertise are a perfect match.”