Audio Network Merges With Musiio To Maximize the Use Of Artificial Intelligence

“Audio Network approaches Artificial Intelligence carefully with regard to music. We view machine learning and AI techniques as instruments for extending human creativity, not something that replaces it,” said Matthew Hawn, Chief Product Officer at Audio Network. “Many Artificial Intelligence tools for music are clever technology hacks in search of an actual problem to solve, but our partnership with Musiio for extending music search and recommendations is about solving real problems for our customers. Blending Musiio’s technology with our expert human curation will mean our artists’ and composers’ music is more accessible to more customers globally.”

Audio Network Limited is one of the world’s largest global music creator and publishers. The music created and published by this firm is mostly utilized in films, technology, advertising and even digital technology. As such, they keep setting new goals to improve their service delivery of high-qualoty music types for their clients, hence their partnership with Musiio.

The new development will provide a new user- friendly interface that will aid searches on their already existing platform of over 150,000 tracks, it will also maintain the human touch that maintains their continuous attraction to users and intending users. With Musiio, there is an increase in the rate of track searches for shorter period of time, often times as short as 2 seconds. The efficiency on the music search will also be increased as a result of this.

“AI has been on the fringes of the music industry for the last few years, with talk of labels signing algorithms. But recently, more commercial and practical uses of this powerful computing technology have begun to surface,” explained Musiio CEO and co-founder Hazel Savage. “This deal demonstrates how AI and technology companies like ours can work with a company like Audio Network to protect everything that is great about the music industry, the personal touch, the knowledge of experts and also to create tools that let the team step up to the challenge of a huge and fast-growing industry.”

Musiio is a known artificial intelligence based organization that keeps making new discovery using the machine learning technology.