Avanan Emerges From Stealth to Deliver Cloud Security for Apps

Image Attribution: Flickr

Deploying cloud apps with an extra layer of security to ensure your organization’s compliance is essential in many industries.
With Avanan, businesses can easily manage the security layer surrounding their cloud apps that they’ve deployed to their end users.
Best of all, Avanan can be deployed to any organization in under 10 minutes. There are no proxy servers to use; Avanan provides nascent access to apps such as Office 365, SalesForce, Google Drive and more.
Once you’ve configured Avanan, administrators can simply add in popular security services and toggle their usage on or off. Businesses can incorporate the use of Splunk, Symantec, FireEye, and more, all from Avanan’s security stack portal.
Avanan also provides access to a reporting module, that gives you a way to examine the activities of your employees and thus additional scrutiny. Avanan is able to provide:

  • Malware Scanning
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • Anomaly Detection, Encryption
  • Cloud Access Control
  • File Sanitization
  • Shadow IT Detection
  • Shadow SaaS Protection

Avanan has officially emerged from stealth this week and the company has announced that several Fortune 500 companies, including those in health care and education, have begun using the innovative cloud security platform. With Avanan, administrators can manage the security of their cloud apps with just a single click.

More Info About Avanan

Avanan is a cloud security access broker that is headquartered in New York City, NY. Avanan has a research and development facility in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Avanan founders are the same team that are behind the popular ForeScout Technologies, which is a popular Network Access Control offering for the IT security world. Avanan has received investments from Magma VC and StageOne, two of the top venture capital firms in Israel.
Avanan went on to win the Geektime 2015 competition with its innovative cloud security offerings. With Avanan, your business can take the complexity out of delivering secured cloud apps.