Avaya Releases Customer Engagement Platform on Google Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Small to medium sized enterprises are embracing the work from anywhere philosophy. Sensing an emerging vertical, Avaya has developed a product for organizations looking to field contact center agents who could work from home or on the go. The goal of the suite is to facilitate an “anywhere-anytime” relationship with the customer.
At Enterprise Connect 2015, Avaya debuted their new product lineup called Customer Engagement OnAvaya Powered by Google Cloud Platform. The product operates on a subscription basis and it gives the employee access to all of the cloud hosted productivity apps that they would need to begin working. Organizations can leverage Chrome devices along with headsets to rapidly begin making or receiving phone calls.
Joe Manuele, SVP at Avaya, is quoted as saying, “Avaya is bringing its customer engagement technology leadership to mid market companies with an easy-to-use subscription service.” Mr. Manuele adds, “Through the power of Google Cloud Platform, Avaya is providing a simple and scalable foundation that allows customers and partners to deploy contact centers faster, and agents to work from anywhere.”
Avaya mentions that the timing is right for their cloud hosted customer engagement product. Pointing out research from Frost and Sullivan, Avaya says that cloud contact centers are growing at twice the speed of those who are using on premises. Avaya’s simple setup allows organizations to easily deploy agents and supervisors. Since Customer Engagement OnAvaya is powered by Google Cloud Platform, organizations can put many of their disaster recovery scenarios on the shelf.
Avaya mentions that its solution is driven on value and scale. Avaya has implemented its Avaya IP Office solution into the cloud hosted suite. Using the Avaya platform, agents would use the WebRTC based click to call interface to start placing calls over the browser. Avaya makes it easy to rapidly get contractors or seasonal help added onto its platform. Since Customer Engagement OnAvaya™ Powered by Google Cloud Platform works on a subscription model, organizations could simply buy more licenses as they need them.