AVer Europe Releases New Classroom Control Box in the UK

Classroom engagement for students is a common issue regardless of where in the world the class is located. Within the UK, however, AVer Europe believes it has a solution to drive students into higher levels of interaction with the course matter. The company announced the launch of its CB-310 system, an Android-based control box that has the power to deliver interactive course materials in a new and innovative way. What’s even more exciting is the fact that aside from the box itself, the system doesn’t need any other specialized peripherals. It can be hooked up to existing classroom devices, making it affordable for any school compound.

Engagement Through Devices

The flexibility of the CB-310 stems from the ability to use multiple operating systems, simply by switching the input source. It integrates seamlessly with TV’s projectors, monitors, and whiteboards to deliver its lessons to as large a class as is necessary. The system also comes with a ScreenShare system that enables educators to interact with students directly on their devices. Additionally, a built-in split-screen option allows for up to four students to present their ideas at the same time. Wireless connectivity is at the heart of the CB-310, enabling the entire class to connect through their personal devices and share their thoughts seamlessly with the rest of the students. It’s a revolution in how teachers can deliver lessons and makes for a unique way of harnessing smart devices to engage students.

The Dawn of Connected Education?

While many classrooms have embraced the push towards using smart devices to fuel learning, more traditional institutions don’t think that the integration of new technology with old teaching methods is a positive step. However, with the natural curiosity of students coupled with the interactive nature of devices such as the CB-310, teachers now have an opportunity to incorporate teaching methods with technology that students already knowhow to use. For students, being able to interact with course materials in a familiar setting and environment will keep them interested in the course material and even allow them to proceed at their own pace.