AVG Business SSO Provides Identity as a Service for Cloud Apps

AVG and Centrify have teamed up to provide AVG Business SSO. The Single Sign On app is designed for businesses of all sizes and as it gives IT administrators complete control over a user’s BYOD experience.
Cloud apps are becoming more commonly used within businesses. The bigger problem exists when each of these services requires its own set of authentication strings. How can an end user keep up with all of these credentials? With AVG Business SSO, authentication data is securely stored within the app. This allows users to simply tap on whichever cloud app that they use for business and begin using it without having to remember different sets of login credentials.
Although the new product is called AVG Business SSO, Centrify originally built out the SSO platform for use in its own product line ups. Since AVG has 197 million end users of its products, Centrify’s decision to partner with AVG on SSO will likely result in a win-win scenario for both parties.
“Mass ownership of personal mobile devices, the adoption of popular consumer cloud services like Skype and Dropbox for business purposes and the impact of the Internet of Things have been the catalysts for true ‘business without walls,’” says Mike Forman, GM of AVG Business.
“AVG Business SSO for the first time makes it simple for businesses without big budgets or in-house IT staff to keep company confidential data safe, private and within their control, even while it is shared with employee-owned mobile devices and externally hosted cloud services,” added Forman.
The AVG Business SSO suite allows an administrator to have complete control over the authentication experience of your end users. AVG mentions that it also provides solutions for multi-factor authentication that will work on any device.
Since AVG Business SSO is affordable, businesses of all sizes can begin to implement the solution. AVG Business SSO works with over 2,500 of the most popular cloud applications including SalesForce, WebEx, Office 365 and others.