AWS CTO Dismisses Hybrid Cloud as Destination for Operations

Image Attribution: Flickr

Amazon Web Services CTO Werner Vogels has made headlines with his comments at the AWS Summit concerning the future of hybrid cloud.
As organizations look to move their operations into the cloud, many businesses find themselves stuck in cloud purgatory, figuratively speaking. Hybrid cloud has become one of the hottest growth verticals over the past few years. Hybrid gives businesses the ability to utilize the public cloud alongside their existing private cloud operations, whenever that scenario should make sense.
Vogels said, “We have built a whole set of services that allow you to run seamlessly together [services] on premise [and] in the cloud.” Vogels goes on to say, “However, you have to realize that in our eyes hybrid IT is not the endpoint. There will be less and less data centers over time. Hybrid IT is the path to more cloud usage. Many more of your applications and services will move over into AWS.”
Werner Vogels Urges Organizations to Go “All In”
In Werner Vogels’ comments at AWS Summit, he went on to talk about organizations such as Netflix, Splunk and others that have moved “All in” on public cloud.  Vogels noted that one of the top concerns about going all in on public cloud is the perception that public cloud lacks data security.
“Security in the cloud is much stronger than any of our customers can have on-premises. AWS is the best place to store your data, if you want to have full control over who has access to it,” mentioned Vogels.
With Amazon’s offerings, it’s entirely possible for an organization to operate 100% in the cloud. With Amazon Workspaces, Elastic Compute and other services, organizations can utilize the AWS infrastructure instead of building out their own. Amazon does have what is called a Virtual Private Cloud, however that “Private” cloud actually runs on a public cloud infrastructure.