AWS Launches New Service; AWS Data Exchange

Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS, is the most commonly used comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform. Their recent announcement of AWS Data Exchange is aimed at providing clients with a platform to migrate to the cloud network by eradicating necessity to build and maintain infrastructure for data storage, delivery, billing, and entitling.

“Customers have asked us for an easier way to find, subscribe to, and integrate diverse data sets into the applications, analytics, and machine-learning models they’re running on AWS. Unfortunately, the way customers exchange data hasn’t evolved much in the last 20 years,” said Stephen Orban, General Manager of AWS Data Exchange. “AWS Data Exchange gives our customers the ability to quickly integrate third-party data in the workloads they’re migrating to the cloud, while giving qualified data providers a modern and secure way to package, deliver, and reach the millions of AWS customers worldwide.”

Various businesses will benefit from this new service, some of which include Reuters, Dun & Bradstreet, and Foursquare among many others. These businesses will provide an avenue to increase the customers base and will help to improve their services.

 “Reuters is constantly seeking new ways to broaden the reach of our independent, trusted and unbiased news content and data. We are excited to be among the first providers of such content on AWS Data Exchange, where our multi-language news data will be made available to a diverse range of AWS customers around the globe,” said Alphonse Hardel, Global Head of Business Development and Strategy, Reuters. “With the increasing demand across industries to use news content to train and power their mission critical AI and analytics applications on the cloud, the depth and accuracy of Reuters coverage means AWS customers are now able to seamlessly access the highest quality of data from AWS Data Exchange,” added Hardel.

Our customers have been using Dun & Bradstreet’s commercial data solutions to deliver insights that empower their ability to accelerate revenue, lower cost, mitigate risk, and transform their businesses. We are excited to now offer this data to our existing and prospective joint AWS customers in a cloud native way on AWS Data Exchange,” said Ken Lordy, Director of Products at Dun & Bradstreet. “Using AWS Data Exchange to distribute our content allows our customers another integrated option to access our attributes to inform decisioning across business intelligence, product strategy, marketing, and more.”