Ayla Networks Exhibiting at Three Trade Shows

From April 1-5, Ayla Networks will be presenting its IoT platform alongside other Amazon Web Services (AWS) partners to analysts. This will take place at the Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany. This will be the first of three events where Ayla Networks will showcase its new AylalQ solution. At this event, the company will be partnering with Hitachi, Flexco and TCS (members of the AWS) to discuss the possibilities ahead.
On Wednesday the 10th of April, Ayla Networks will present its IoT platform as well as the new Ayla Explorer and AylaQ products at the Japan It Week in Tokyo, Japan. Attendees will be oriented on the current Japanese customers including Toyotomi, Rinnai, Fujitsu General and LIXIL Group. The Ayla Explorer Package will be discussed particularly concerning the product development support and quick launch time and low barrier to entry that it provides new IoT customers. This industry show also features an in-depth look at AylaQ, a plug-in solution that extracts IoT value from previously deployed assets. This show runs from 10 to 12 April, 2019.
Field Service USA is an industry show that commences on Tuesday, April 23 and ends Thursday, April 25. It’ll feature Ayla Networks demonstrating AylaQ as a solution for service organizations supporting equipment (industrial and commercial). This exhibition will explore how the simple plug-in hardware of AylaQ combined with cloud connectivity and data apps can activate deployed assets (particularly capital-intensive fixed assets). Ayla Networks is going to show how all this can lead to providing real IoT value through precise diagnosis and remote management of service events in industrial and commercial equipment –which goes to prevent equipment failures, and shifting maintenance from time-focused cycles to condition-based cycles.