Azure Provides Hybrid Cloud Testing; OneDrive Offers Up to 100GB Free

One of the biggest obstacles organizations face when wanting to move to hybrid cloud is the actual testing and implementation of the infrastructure. Practice certainly makes perfect; that’s why Microsoft has published hybrid cloud testing documents that will assist you as you build out your hybrid cloud. By publishing easy to use “How-to” documents hosted directly on their website, the idea is that you can begin testing hybrid cloud today. That way, you’ll be familiar with its implementation when your organization decides to use it.
The documentation Microsoft has published for testing can be used to setup a Hybrid Cloud, setup a SharePoint intranet farm, setup a web-based line of business application or setup Office 365 directory synchronization, all within a Hybrid Cloud. Joe Davies from Microsoft writes, “These environments use your local Internet connection and one of your public IP addresses and step you through setting up a functioning, cross-premises Azure virtual network. When complete, you can begin performing application development, experimenting with simplified IT workloads, and gauge the performance of a site-to-site VPN connection relative to your location on the Internet.”
OneDrive 100GB Special Offer
February is the month of love and Microsoft is showing you some love by giving you up to 100GBs free in your OneDrive account. OneDrive mentions that if you have a Microsoft account, you can sign up for Bing Rewards and get an additional 100GBs of space added onto your account. When you take into account that Microsoft typically charges around $2 per month for 100GBs of storage space, this offer could save you $24 per year. To sign up for the free 100GB storage offer, go to Bing Rewards and look for the Free Storage link next to the OneDrive icon. Follow the steps and you’ll receive the free 100GB upgrade to your cloud storage account.