B2B eCommerce Platform Research Released by Paradigm B2B

Newly-released research from Paradigm B2B reveals valuable information about leading B2B eCommerce platforms. The assessment scores popular eCommerce platforms against each other using measurable criteria based on platform capabilities.

Andy Hoar, CEO of Paradigm B2B, summarized the new method of assessment by saying, “The purpose of the Paradigm B2B Combine is not to force-rank solutions, but rather to score the capabilities of certain offerings against objective criteria and enable buyers to see where individual solutions are relatively strong vs. weak.”

The unique approach to measuring eCommerce platforms against one another focuses on key performance indicators that are both product and non-product categories. Rather than simply measuring and assessing the overall performance of the platform, Paradigm deep-dives into individual benchmarks and performance metrics for each platform tested.

The idea behind the new measurement system was created after in-depth discussions with executives and IT professionals from around the eCommerce industry. The research creates a clear comparison between popular eCommerce platforms to help businesses make the right decision based on features, the quality of the service, and the overall price.

In addition to feature measurements and assessments, Paradigm takes additional information into consideration when assessing each platform, including the quality of the customer service.

Each platform was measured on a six-point scale, with over 30 different categories. Those that were ranked highest received awards from Paradigm, and those that received exceptional customer feedback also received special recognition.

The report is currently free to download from many of the participating eCommerce platform vendors, allowing the valuable information to be used by businesses around the world without additional costs.

Paradigm is also releasing the 50+ page report for free to help businesses transform their operational excellence. The company is currently based in Chicago, Illinois and focuses on high-quality business consultation services.