Babies May Soon Have Connected Pampers

Pampers announced a new infant care system it wants to offer to parents that will do more than just track if the baby needs changing. The new system (named Lumi) attempts to provide more insight into what’s going on with a baby for parents that can’t spend every single second of their time observing their newborn. While the system isn’t yet live, pampers has invited parents to sign up for their trial. The company states that it plans to release the tech-connected diapers for public consumption this fall.

How the system works is through a sensor that is tied to the wetness strip outside of the diaper. In addition to wetness monitoring, the company intends to offer suggestions for the baby’s wake and sleep times to interested parents. The idea behind the innovation is to make the lives of parents more comfortable over the first year of their baby’s life. To do so, the Lumi system will collect, compile, and process information about the baby to offer personalized suggestions to the parents.

An Entire Monitoring System

Lumi is composed of a series of activity sensors for use with specially designed diapers, a video monitor, and a connected app on Android and iOS. The sensor fits on the specially designed diaper, and the 1080p wide-angle camera can be positioned to ensure that parents have eyes on the baby at all points in time. The system is designed for use with babies between the ages between newborn and 12 months old. The specially designed diapers come in sizes ranging from zero to 4.

Lumi is not the first innovation in smart diaper technology. At the end of 2018, a Korean diaper manufacturer named Monit released an intelligent diaper that could detect when it was soiled. Huggies has reportedly entered talks to bring their technology to the west, added to the company’s diapers.