Backblaze Turns Up the Heat in Cloud Storage Price War

Image Attribution: Flickr

Organizations much look for ways to save money on their cloud storage infrastructure, but how can really do that when Azure and AWS are the lowest prices in the market?
Backblaze has just announced its B2 cloud storage lineup, which gives developers a way to buy cloud storage for a fraction of what big name cloud players sell it for. In fact, Backblaze is proposing a simple pricing structure. Just a half a penny per gigabyte is the simple, easy to understand cost of Backblaze B2 storage.
So what is Backblaze? Backblaze isn’t built for consumers. OneDrive or DropBox maybe tailored better for personal cloud storage needs. Backblaze is the type of infrastructure OneDrive and DropBox are built upon. Backblaze is geared towards developers, since they will likely require a large amount of space when it comes to building online apps and games.
Backblaze co-founder and CEO Gleb Budman writes, “Everyone needs storage. Everything from Artificial Intelligence to virtual reality, drones, 3D video, Internet of Things, live video, connected medicine…all of it needs storage,”
Budman adds, “And lower-cost storage means more companies can launch world-changing products and offer better experiences at lower costs and higher margins. It’s a virtuous cycle. And we think that Backblaze B2 can help.”
Budman helped create Backblaze from his 1 bedroom apartment in 2007. His commitment in going up against the large IaaS providers has been an uphill climb. When you compare Backblaze’s .005 per gigabyte cost up against AWS’s S3 cost of .022 per GB, it is easy to see that organizations could want to make the switch in order to take advantage of these cost savings.
When developers sign up for Backblaze B2 beta, they can get 10GBs of free storage in order for them to test out and dabble with. This gives developers a full hands on preview of the API, which should allow them to feel comfortable when programming apps that use the Backblaze storage infrastructure.