Banking Software Market Projected to Grow 9% a Year has reported that the third-party banking software market will register a compounded annual growth rate of about 9% by 2023.

Various segments of the banking industry are constantly providing solutions involving digital payments. This situation has made digital payments the order of the day. Users are continually making payments across the globe and the use of digital payments is only in a bid to make the daily tasks of the customers easier and faster.

With this uncontrollable increase in the use of digital payments, the need for third-party banking software also continues to enjoy a significant increase, as it is needed for the management of digital payment platforms.

Here Are Solid Reasons That Have Confirmed That This Increase Of 9% Will Come Through By 2023:

Issues dealing with data security and privacy

With the use of digital means of carrying out monetary transactions, users and banks are more liable to fraud. Risks that have to do with data privacy and security will abound and for this reason, more investments have to be made by banks into the software market of global third-party banking to protect sensitive information to the best of their ability.

The need to satisfy customers

Due to the transactions taking place globally, enterprises in the banking sector are continually expanding their reach, thus an increase in their customer base. An increase in customer base leaves banks with no other choice than to opt for third-party banking software.


The fact that several vendors seemed to have saturated the market has increased the competition level. For this reason, even enterprises that did not previously consider third-party banking software will now consider it.