Bare Metal vs. Virtualization: Is There a Difference?

When you think about buying cloud apparatus, you probably think about a large IaaS providers offering up virtual machines in efforts to achieve your organization’s core objectives. What if it is your duty to find the top performing cloud solution and you’ve stumbled upon the concept to bare metal cloud computing. Instead of using virtualized instances of machines, bare metal does exactly what it says it does; it provides a cloud infrastructure using bare metal resources versus a hypervisor.
Bare Metal Clouds Outperform Virtualized Clouds. RackSpace is a company that has reinvented itself as a cloud service provider. RackSpace has recently gone live with its bare metal cloud offering which is quickly becoming popular. RackSpace has a product line up that they have dubbed OnMetal; which guarantees administrators a bare metal instance of a system based on their cloud’s needs. This innovative technology is said to have surpassed virtualization endeavors in terms of speed and performance. According to research from RackSpace, they explicitly claim that their OnMetal offerings outperforms all virtualized instances of VMs.
In terms of cloud hosting, RackSpace is at the forefront of the industry. RackSpace has reinvented itself as a retailer of cloud solutions that give you the added service of working alongside technical professionals whenever you have a question about the functionality of your new system. Since Big Data sets and other large scale computing loads require so much performance in order to operate, bare metal clouds have become popular for these types of workloads.
Research conducted by Internap, Rackspace and others, shows that bare metal outperforms hypervisors in the cloud. It can be difficult to know when to choose bare metal over virtualized hardware. As a general rule, if your organization required a significant amount of computing power behind its tasks, it could be worth it to look at bare metal servers in the cloud in order to obtain the best performance for your enterprise application.
Hosting providers such as RackSpace offer a tremendous value in that they are there with you every step of the way. RackSpace has innovated the cloud as well as their On Metal offerings.  RackSpace as well as other vendors have listened to consumer concerns and that’s why bare metal cloud apparatuses will likely grow in popularity over the next few years. RackSpace’s blog mentioned in regards to demand to bare metal cloud, “Some of them are looking to move away from the unpredictable nature of virtualized, multi-tenant environments, while others are intrigued by our promise of ‘elasticity of the cloud, plus economy of collocation.’ “