Barracuda Launches Secure Cloud Storage Solution CudaDrive

Image Attribution: Flickr

Barracuda’s new CudaDrive offering is being touted as a secure, file server replacement for organizations that wish to migrate from on premises storage to cloud storage. CudaDrive can be deployed as a local virtual drive that users can securely connect to using their desktop PCs. Developers can also utilize CudaDrive as storage for both web and mobile applications.
CudaDrive gives businesses the ability to know that their files are stored safely and securely. Users can store, share and gain access to their files from any internet connected device in the world. Within CudaDrive, organizations can rest assured that the integrity of their data will stay intact given the fact that Barracuda offers data protection for endpoints, as well as file restoration services should files in your CudaDrive get accidentally deleted.
CudaDrive is different than other file syncing applications that reside on the desktop. While cloud syncing services require the file to be both on the desktop computer and on the server, CudaDrive has no syncing requirements. This allows organizations the ability to offload files that may be regularly accessed into the cloud. Rather than charging a per user, per month fee, Barracuda’s pricing methods are simple and reasonable. Organizations simply pay for the amount of storage that they need and that storage is available to an unlimited amount of users.
“We’ve helped many companies back up and protect server data with Barracuda Backup, and now with CudaDrive, we’re able to protect end-user data and provide easy sharing,” says Rod Mathews, General Manager of Storage at Barracuda.
“CudaDrive helps solve the common business challenge of enabling access to corporate files from any device, while protecting data stored on those devices in the event of a failure or loss,” Mathews adds.
Organizations can also purchase a CudaDrive appliance called the CudaDrive Site Server that helps organizations move existing file servers into the cloud. The CudaDrive Site Server helps federate your data into the cloud so that it can be accessed and shared securely with anyone.