Barracuda’s NG Firewall has Been Released for Amazon’s Public Cloud

Cloud engineers have celebrated the use of Barracuda technology inside their local data centers for quite sometime now. Cloud administrators can easily utilize those same Barracuda NG Firewall services natively inside of Amazon’s Public Cloud which will enhance the security profile of your company’s cloud.  As of December 23rd 2013, Amazon clients have the ability to add Barracuda NG Firewall into their cloud by selecting the app listed inside the Amazon Marketplace.

Barracuda will add an extra layer of protection and give peace of mind to people who are responsible for managing clouds built with Amazon. This firewall service will give administrators granular control of existing and future cloud deployments.  Blair Hankins is the Vice President of Engineering at Barracuda and he publically commented that “This expanded offering extends remote network access to augment the other Barracuda security offerings available on the Amazon AWS cloud platform.”
The service extends beyond traditional firewall roles. The Barracuda NG Firewall for Amazon AWS can be used to create secure VPN tunnels between the public cloud and the local area network of a corporate office. Administrators can set access limits for certain days and times that applications and services can be accessed. The firewall allows administrators to prioritize network packets in a manner that is most effective to business. The firewall is designed to give real time alerting and features Barracuda’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention System to help mitigate network level threats and malicious SQL injections into your database services.
Pricing is competitive for Barracuda’s Firewall NG Service. The licensing agreement is “BYOL” which is an acronym for Bring Your Own License. For only $1,599 per year, your entire public cloud infrastructure can enjoy the protection of Barracuda which will protect against the latest threats and give you complete control over your company’s cloud.