Batelle Provides Technological Services to the Columbus Community

Batelle is an organization that is known for its innovative use of technology in helping to solve people practical problems in the society. With its headquarters located at Ohio, the organization has been functioning since 1929 serving various industries such as health sciences, security and also environmental industries.

Working together with the Sage Sustainable Electronics, the two organizations provide their immediate communities with useful reusable technological materials. Sage Sustainable works on providing the world with longer life span electronics, there increasing the sustainability of the world. The company helps IT-focused businesses to increase their asset worth while also reducing operational costs and risks.

 The Sage GoodTogether Program was created as a means of enhancing social responsibility and also reducing the rate of digital unavailability among the low income Americans. The program involves the donation of technological devices freely to non- profit and charity organizations. Additionally, Jill Vaske, President of Sage also said that the program also helps to encourage the reusing of technology, thereby bring about a positive end to the environment at large.

Materials that were delivered to the Catholic social services include; 20 desktops, 20 monitors, and 20 laptops. These new provisions will assist the people in the task of case management documentation for the community social workers and counsellors. The devices donated will be distributed to serve different purposes in different locations; some will go to the St. Francis Catholic Outreach Center in Portsmouth and will be used to build a computer lab to serve the locals there, others will go to Our Lady of Guadalupe Center on the west side of Columbus, and will be used in enhancing the current computer lab located their, focus will then be placed on using them for community training and also educational needs.

Rachel Lustig, President and CEO of Catholic Social Services expresses extreme appreciation at this gesture as she implies that it will serve as a life changing experience for many of the community dwellers.