Battle of The Clouds: Google Drive Vs A Rain Cloud

As a Hotmail scoffer I am usually reluctant to say a bad word about Gmail or all things related. However, after my latest 4 hour battle with Google Drive I was inspired to consider if there is anything more useless or unhelpful. Thus, the Google Drive Vs a Rain Cloud comparison was born.

Storage Capacity20GB-16TB200,000 Tons
FeaturesGoogle Docs, Spreadsheet, Form, Presentation, Image Viewer, DrawingProvides lifesaving Water and Shade
Syncs filesNoNo
Sharing CapabilitiesDifficultYes
Online EditingNoNo
Iphone AppNoNo
Android AppYesNo
Targeted adsYesNo
SecurityAsk the NSAN/A
Works on DemandNoNo
Helps if you danceNoSometimes
Wreaks HavocYesYes
Provides transparencyNoNo
Useful To SocietyNoYes
Popularity Rating Half Star 4star

The consensus is: some people like to drive in the rain but nobody can drive Google Drive