Battle of The Clouds: Google Drive Vs A Rain Cloud

As a Hotmail scoffer I am usually reluctant to say a bad word about Gmail or all things related. However, after my latest 4 hour battle with Google Drive I was inspired to consider if there is anything more useless or unhelpful. Thus, the Google Drive Vs a Rain Cloud comparison was born.

Storage Capacity 20GB-16TB 200,000 Tons
Features Google Docs, Spreadsheet, Form, Presentation, Image Viewer, Drawing Provides lifesaving Water and Shade
Syncs files No No
Sharing Capabilities Difficult Yes
Online Editing No No
Iphone App No No
Android App Yes No
Targeted ads Yes No
Security Ask the NSA N/A
Works on Demand No No
Helps if you dance No Sometimes
Wreaks Havoc Yes Yes
Provides transparency No No
Useful To Society No Yes
Popularity Rating  Half Star  4star

The consensus is: some people like to drive in the rain but nobody can drive Google Drive