B/E Aerospace Invests $4M in HR Cloud Project

In efforts to stay competitive on a global scale, B/E Aerospace has decided to invest $4 million in a cloud based human resources project powered by SuccessFactors. B/E Aerospace aims to reduce HR overhead and increase profitability by utilizing a recruiting system that brings in the top candidates. B/E Aerospace has about 10,000 employees all across the globe. The SuccessFactors cloud HR platform will help B/E manage their ballooning workforce by giving executives a clearer, real-time analytical look at the current employment picture.
Martin Ratelband, a director of HR at B/E Aerospace, was quoted as saying “The project will pay for itself within a year.” Over the past decade, B/E has seen turnover rates skyrocket to a rate of nearly 400%. Taking a leaner, more analytical approach to HR is one way B/E is trying to reduce the overhead caused by employment turnover. In recent years, B/E has encountered troubles recruiting talented engineers and supply chain specialists. Now that B/E has moved their human resources data into the cloud, executives expect to be able to mine employment data from all across the 26 countries in which B/E operates in a matter seconds. Previously, B/E relied on payroll records as a means of reporting employment data.
Managers at B/E rave about the new cloud based approach to IT. Managers can be in the airport on their smartphone or tablet and they can approve promotions and administer HR tasks in real time. On a macro level, executives will be able to produce reports that they never had the ability to do before such as identifying skill sets and seeing pay rates within minutes. The HR staff at B/E Aerospace reports that SuccessFactors HR platform has increased their productivity at least two or three fold in some cases. Although there have been some riffs in implementing this solution, it appears that SuccessFactors cloud HR platform has been received positively by employees at the aerospace giant. B/E Aerospace is one of leading parts suppliers for Boeing aircraft.