Benefits Science Technologies Announces New Partnership With Empyrean

Benefits Science Technologies (BTS) is a known global leader in providing innovative healthcare analytics delivery. The organization was launched as a subsidiary from MIT in 2012. It focuses on utilizing digital advancements, such as machine learning and innovative data sciences, to help provide new means of improving quality healthcare delivery in the system. In a long run, BTS helps to provide quality healthcare at lesser prices through thoroughly done analytics.

On the new partnership with Empyrean, sources from BTS shared that beyond having data, it is also very important to be able to fully utilize this data into helpful insights that will help improve strategic decision making in the industry. As such, the new partnership with Empyrean will help achieve this on the Empyrean platform.

In addition to the prior existing services of the platform which include risk reduction and control for clients, the newly added advantage as a result of this partnership is the presence of new algorithms which will help to fully breakdown available healthcare data into highly innovative solutions that will help in the effective management of operations in the healthcare industry.

“Our platform currently gives employers total control over the delivery of their benefits program. Partnering with BST empowers our clients and consultants even further – and gives them greater confidence in plan design decisions – by using data to help them pre-emptively and accurately navigate changing benefits conditions and measure the results,” said Richard Wolfe, Empyrean CEO and co-founder.

More specifically, BTS will be providing them with their analytics engine, known as the Robust Optimizer, and this will help in providing a single platform on which employers and consultants medical plan recommendation will be housed. This single system will help with a more defined pattern of data analytics to provide the necessary insights needed for the client.