Berlin’s IFA Features New Consumer Tech

Berlin’s IFA is touted as the most significant tech fair in Europe, providing the place for companies both small and large to showcase their consumer technology products. The technology presented at this year’s IFA seems like the realization of many different science fiction authors’ view of the future, including futuristic gadgets like a robot that will help pets exercise, and voice-controlled ovens.

Emerging technology takes Center Stage

The most exciting developments in the IFA this year have been centered on emerging technology. The three main innovations that show up in devices are 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and voice control. Applicant manufacturer Siemens, which presented the voice-operated oven, also showed off a washing machine and drier that allowed communication over WiFi so that the owners can know when their clothes were ready. Additionally, their Home Connect system seeks to turn a non-smart home into a Smart Home by linking household appliances together. The application can even suggest recipes based on available ingredients in the house.

Huawei’s 5G Chip Creates a Stir

Early on Friday, Huawei wowed the IFA by announcing its new super-fast Kirin 990 chip. The company claims that the device is the world’s first and only “all-in-one” 5G chipset, including a modem that, supports blazing-fast download speeds. The Chinese tech giant contends that their phones carrying the Kirin will be far more efficient than competitors since all the architecture is situated on a single chip, rather than having the processor and modem as separate entities.

Affordable Christmas Gifts Abound

Some of the more common devices that could be found on showcase at the IFA included potential gifts for Christmas, including (but not limited to) wireless headsets and high-quality noise-canceling headphones. Despite how ubiquitous these devices are on the trade floor, they still command a pretty hefty price. Panasonic is retailing their headphones for $1,326 and Samsung’s 219-inch TV termed “The Wall” carries a hefty price tag of a little over half a million dollars.