BeyondSaaS is a Cloud Tool That Helps Identify Vulnerabilities in Your Infrastructure

BeyondTrust has just released a new product called BeyondSaaS. BeyondSaaS is expected to give security analysis teams a view of the company’s public facing systems and an audit of what security vulnerabilities are present. While systems administrators are always patching servers and keeping software and infrastructure up to date, hackers are hard at work looking for methods to gain entry into your systems. BeyondSaaS is a proactive tool that can save hours of work by allowing network security to focus on other tasks other than keeping up to date on the latest security exploits.

The core of BeyondSaaS is run by Retina Network Security Scanner. This platform is one of the most respected hacking mitigation tools available on the market. With this service, you will be able to run automated scans or manual ad hoc scans. The results are outputted into a nice HTML file which breaks down the service’s findings.
Kevin Baker, a principal within Innovative Management LLC recently said, “With the release of BeyondSaaS, BeyondTrust is providing a trusted hands-free approach to vulnerability management and regulatory compliance with a higher degree of accuracy and a lower annual cost.”
Since this service is deployed within the cloud, there is no unboxing, licensing or localized deployment within an IT administrator’s environment. The administrator will be able to integrate his Active Directory in the cloud service thus allowing domain users to login to the program. This cloud offering is designed for the small to medium sized enterprise however BeyondSaaS is more than capable of handling a large company. BeyondSaaS can be monitored or managed from a SmartPhone or tablet. Administrators will be able to pinpoint security flaws in real time with this suite. Another selling point of BeyondSaaS is that the service works within the HIPAA, SOX and PCI-DSS compliance regulations.