Beyontec To Enhance Its African Roots With Zamara

Beyontec partnered with Imexolutions, a regional provider of custom IT solutions in Kenya to ensure the proposed solution was fully capable of meeting the regional requirements, both from a customer and compliance perspective. The core solution – the Beyontec Suite for broking, allows Zamara to improve its rating efficiency using the pre-configured rating engine while the other pre-configured tools help the company configure and optimize many of its business rules for better operational efficiency and performance. The solution delivers seamless integration across all major brokering activities and is backed by extensive reporting and analytical features.

“Our business benefited significantly from the partnership with Beyontec”, says Sundeep Raichura, Group CEO of Zamara. “With the efficient integration of new process and technology, we are able to better respond to our customers and introduce new products faster. Beyontec delivered a world-class solution that made all the difference between us and our competition in Kenya”, he quoted.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Zamara is the largest pension fund administrator in Kenya controlling one third of the Kenyan pension fund market. The company provides financial and insurance solutions that inevitably result in financial freedom for individuals and businesses across Africa.

“With Beyontec Suite, Zamara is now able to collaborate the information and data from each line of business within General, Life and Medical insurance business and is able to integrate this data with AR and AP in real-time, bidding adieu to multiple data sources and data redundancy. The successful implementation of our product at Zamara is an important milestone for Beyontec as we expand our footprint into the African market and continue to deliver world-class digital technology platforms and solutions for insurers in Africa”, said Vivek Sethia, Co-founder at Beyontec Solutions DMCC. “The strong foundations and local partnerships we have established in the region are helping us to deliver international standards of technology excellence for insurers in Africa”.