BioClinica Debuts Cloud Platform for Clinical Trials

Image Attribution: Flickr

One of the more exciting capabilities that the cloud brings to us is the ability perform complex calculations and analysis. As a result, medical researchers have been able to redefine the way in which they conduct clinical trials.
BioClinica is a company that has transformed the traditional methods of conducting clinical trials by releasing their own eHealth Cloud platform that is designed to help expedite the medical research process. BioClinica mentions that their new eHealth Cloud can be built out on premises, within a hybrid cloud or solely in the public cloud. The software will help researchers with preapproval and post approval research.
“The eHealth Cloud creates inherent flexibility, scalability and agility while maintaining the highest levels of quality and security,” says Mukhtar Ahmed, President of eClinical Solutions at BioClinica.
“This represents a major leap forward in clinical trial sponsor empowerment whereby sponsors and CROs’ can choose from cloud delivery options that better enable them to achieve their scientific and business objectives,” adds Ahmed.
Within BioClinica’s eHealth Cloud, researchers will have access to Express EDC, Trident RTSM, Optimizer Supply Forecasting and Simulation. Another offering called OnPoint CTMS and Compass “Intelligent” Risk-Based Monitoring is also included with the eHealth Cloud.
Using the eHealth Cloud, researchers will be able to gain access to third party industry data banks that will help researchers quickly import the data they need in order to begin analyzing their findings. BioClinica says that this process is facilitated through the BioClinica Cloud Transformation Gateway.
BioClinica is one of the first clinical research SaaS solutions that allows organizations the ability to securely integrate data from other third party sources in order to formulate hypothesis and subsequently find cures for rare diseases.
“Our open platform approach will enable us to seamlessly and rapidly connect our core clinical trial technologies and trusted clinical data repository to these industry innovators so that that sponsors, investigator sites, and patients can benefit from their use within the clinical research setting,” concludes BioClinica’s Muktar Ahmed.