Birch Sees TotalCloud PBX Sales Rise 70% in 2015

Image Attribution: Flickr

Birch, a unified communications provider based in Atlanta, GA, reports that they have seen a 70% increase in sales of their TotalCloud PBX offering. You might remember previous CloudWedge articles about Birch, such as the write up on Birch’s $323M buyout of CBeyond.
Birch’s TotalCloud PBX lets businesses of any size integrate a sophisticated communications into their organization without requiring a large, upfront investment in office phones. The TotalCloud PBX allows organizations to offer top of the line PBX services without having to implement a separate phone vendor or reseller. Since businesses won’t have to deal with a phone vendor outside of Birch, there’s no expensive maintenance costs that organizations must endure in order to deliver telephones.
The Birch TotalCloud PBX offering is completely scalable. Since customers only pay for what they use, Birch’s business model allows organizations to expand as rapidly as they like. TotalCloud PBX also offers work from home users a built in advantage. Since all that’s needed to run TotalCloud PBX is a device and an internet connection, organizations can be flexible with their workforce, letting them work anywhere in the world.
“Today’s businesses have choices when it comes to upgrading their phone systems. They can spend a lot of money, time and internal resources trying to upgrade their existing premise-based phone system, but those updates are expensive and quickly become out-of-date,” says Mark Harris, a Senior Product Manager at Birch.
“Birch is able to provide its feature-rich TotalCloud PBXproduct as an answer to the need for a quality product, great value and which also evolves over time offering brand new features and applications without the customer having to replace equipment,” added Harris.
TotalCloud PBX also gives enterprises absolute control over their telecommunications processes. Need to route a call to a specific extension during off hours? With TotalCloudPBX, that setting can be configured with just a few clicks. TotalCloud PBX even lets users forward their lines to mobile devices.
One of the things that organizations rarely think about is the fact that a disaster could happen at any minute. A built in advantage of using cloud based telephony services such as Birch’s is that organizations can take advantage of a geo-redundant network.
Business continuity continues to be a hot topic is board rooms all across the world. If an organization’s facility becomes unusable or unreachable for whatever reason, products such as Birch’s TotalCloud PBX can allow your employees to rapidly get back on the phone, stay organized and continue to make sales and support calls to your customers.
Birch mentions that their metered TotalCloud PBX plan starts at just $15.99 per seat. More information is available on Birch’s website.