Bird Scooters Hit the Streets in Chicago

June 15, 2019 saw the first of Bird’s electric scooter fleet in Chicago.

The pilot program, funded by the city, is a new initiative to not only combat increasingly difficult traffic throughout the city, but also provide a safe, inexpensive alternative to public transportation.

The high-end electric scooters have an impressive range of up to 30 miles with just one charge. The Bird One model is the latest model in the Bird lineup, offering superior safety and reliability.

The introduction of the Bird scooter lineup provides a new, convenient way to get around the city. Residents have been asking for a transportation alternative for a long time. Bird was founded with the goal of making busy cities more livable.

By reducing carbon emissions and streamlining traffic throughout the city, Bird is changing the face of transportation.

Cities that have implemented Bird as alternative transportation are also seeing a significant reduction of carbon emissions by becoming one of the top choices for short-distance commutes.

David Estrada, the Chief Policy Officer at Bird, recently said that “Chicago residents have been waiting for this day for a long time. In meetings, or even just on the street I’ve encountered serious interest in having access to a more equitable, more convenient way to get around town.”

Bird will be working with city officials to implement safety seminars, community events, and outreach programs. Bird takes user safety extremely seriously and requires all riders to go through a safety video before their first rental.

Chicago-specific traffic laws will also be available on-demand in the Bird app..

Bird is currently available in over 100 cities around the world and recently acquired Scoot, which means further expansion is to be expected.

The recent implementation is set to pave the way for further expansion and Bird upgrades throughout Chicago.