Bitium obtains $6.5M in StartUp Funding

Bitium is a cloud based single sign-on utility that keeps users from having to remember different passwords for different services all over the web. Bitium is unique in that it offers over 1,500 services in which it integrates into one single sign on cloud based application. It is being reported that Bitium secured $6.5M in Series A funding. These investors include RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser, Amplify, Resolute VC, Double M Partners, Social Leverage, Karlin Ventures and Lazerow Ventures.

The apps that Bitium looks to perform the single sign-on action for are household apps such as SalesForce, NetSuite, Google Apps and more. Other companies already operate in this same space but Bitium founders believe that there is a gap in the market that needs to be fulfilled. Since receiving this funding, Bitium has welcomed Dave Barrett from Polaris Ventures onto their board of directors.

Bitium will help companies become more efficient, because it can become a way to deliver applications, as well as collect usage stats on each individual application. When an application goes unused for quite some time, an administrator can then audit the user’s access as to whether or not they need the app in the first place.

Bitium offers administrators a clean dashboard that functions flawlessly. This allows administrators to gauge access, grant access to apps or revoke access. The best feature of Bitium is that is gives its clients unlimited seats. This limitless approach is enticing to organizations that rapidly scale up and down. This also means that administrators do not have to pick and choose who gets this service because it can deployed to everyone, even the employees such as contractors and assistants. Remembering several different passwords can result in lost productivity in your organization. Both technical administrators and end users strive for a single sign on solution because it makes everyone’s life a lot easier at the end of the day.