BlackBerry Announces New Cloud Based Cybersecurity Service

Blackberry is a company most famously known for their enterprise mobility products. Looking to move into other enterprise verticals, Blackberry has extended its product lineup to now include cloud based cybersecurity protection. BlackBerry is officially launching this product under the name BlackBerry Professional Cybersecurity Services.
While some industry analysts may refer to this as a pivot, the truth is, BlackBerry has simply expanded its offerings surrounding the mobile technology that BlackBerry already builds. BlackBerry has devices that encompass the entire mobility and connectivity product spectrum.
BlackBerry has recently become heavily involved in cloud connected vehicles, IoT and other types of consumer and enterprise mobile technology. As a result, BlackBerry’s Professional Cybersecurity Service is available for businesses that wish to mitigate threats as they begin to implement cutting edge technology into their products.
For example, automotive manufacturers are increasingly looking towards the cloud in order to develop in car entertainment, analytics and other types of neat features that help bolster the appeal of buying a new vehicle. Given the fact that car manufacturers are new to the field of cloud computing, bringing in a professional security consulting firm such as BlackBerry’s Cybersecurity Services may help mitigate unknown threats against their platforms.
“BlackBerry is the gold standard when it comes to security and we’re always evolving to maintain this high standard as the complexity of enterprise mobility and security increases,” says John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry.
“The creation of our Professional Cybersecurity Services practice and acquisition of Encryption reinforces our commitment to providing customers the industry’s most secure mobility solutions and helping them to assess and mitigate risks,” Chen went on to say.
BlackBerry is looking to tap into this $400B market by exerting its expertise in cryptography, security and more. BlackBerry holds over 70 government certifications and approvals, a number in which BlackBerry claims is more than any of its competitors.