Blackboard Now Lets Instructors Add Cloud Hosted Content Into Their Coursework

Blackboard, one of the most popular online learning platforms in the world, has just announced a new partnership with a company called Qwickly. Using Qwickly, instructors are now able to add cloud hosted content into their coursework.
The third party cloud connector called Qwickly Building Block allows teachers to link content from their Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud storage account directly within their online courses. The integration of Qwickly inside of Blackboard is designed to streamline the way educators put together lessons for their students. This improvement helps educators in their day to day workflow, as educators won’t need to email documents or use legacy methods of delivering documents to students through Blackboard.
“Learners and students not only desire, but expect their experiences with education technology to closely mirror that of their everyday lives, and for us that means making sure we’re making it easy for them to combine our powerful learning environment with their favorite tools,” says Mark Strassman, SVP at Blackboard.
“We all know that learners and teachers keep important materials both educational and otherwise in a variety of different places. The Qwickly Building Block is a very cool tool that will help them bring it all together,” Strassman continued.
One of the biggest draws for Qwickly is that the building block is available for free for Blackboard clients in the K-12 realm. Being able to produce content in the cloud and share it out with students automatically using Blackboard gives instructors the ability to more quickly post and update assignments from any location in the world.
For educators, storing your documents in the cloud is advantageous. An instructor may need to access their data from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection in order to provide last minute edits, etc. With Blackboards new cloud functionality, educators now have the ability to recreate coursework on demand or custom tailor different versions of the same document while being able to quickly and easily integrate that document within the popular online learning platform.