Blue Jeans Provided by Arkadin Provides Cloud Video Collaboration

Arkadin has announced that it has partnered with Blue Jeans Networks to provide one-click video conferencing services. The service will be called Blue Jeans provided by Arkadin and it is designed to simplify virtual meetings by allowing up to a 100 participants to join instantaneously. Arkadin says that regardless of the amount of people who have joined the video conference, participants can view crystal clear video from any of the feeds being broadcast.
Arkadin believes that its new partnership with Blue Jeans Networks will help businesses to simplify video conferencing. In the past, it was imperative that users download software and test out their cams to ensure that they would work. With Blue Jeans provided by Arkadin, end users become empowered by being able to start a meeting from any device, regardless of the underlying hardware or operating system.
In Arkadin’s press release, Ira M. Weinstein of Wainhouse Research mentions, “Cloud-based video conferencing that is device, location and platform independent is an industry game changer as it removes the complexity, interoperability, and up-front cost challenges that have traditionally slowed wide-scale adoption.”
“The interoperability and flexibility of the Blue Jeans service will appeal to businesses interested in video conferencing for boosting productivity at all levels of their organizations,” comments Thomas Valantin, Managing Director of Arkadin. “This is a highly strategic partnership that will advance Arkadin’s vision for being a true one-stop shop for all our customers’ collaboration needs.”
Arkadin says that administrators are able to gain access to metrics concerning the new service. This gives organizations the ability to oversee usage and measure performance. Users of the service can schedule meetings, which puts the meeting on a specific person’s calendar after they accept. Arkadin seeks to prevent companies from buying expensive hardware in order to start teleconferencing; Arkadin believes that organizations can do video conferencing cheaper and easier using the cloud.