Blue Ocean Technologies To Be Managed By Blue Ocean Partners

Blue Oceans Management is an organization that is focused on progressing the development of the after-hours markets.

Blue Ocean Management Partners, LLC (Blue Ocean Management) has made a significant investment in New York-based Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC. tZERO, the global leader in blockchain innovation for capital markets, remains a significant investor and partner in Blue Ocean Technologies, with Blue Ocean Management providing management and expertise. Blue Ocean Technologies is a financial technology company focused on progressing the development of the after-hours markets for U.S.-listed securities, including ETFs and related securities.

Since 2016, Blue Ocean Technologies has provided data and technical services for after-hours regulated trading venues. This marketplace has created an opportunity to provide firms, traders and investors with new ways to manage risk and take advantage of opportunities created outside of regular U.S. trading hours. Through appropriately licensed institutions, after-hours regulated trading venues also provide opportunities for foreign investors to have after-hours access to the U.S. capital market, which make up the second largest class of investments across Asia and Europe (behind country-specific home markets), while allowing for U.S.-based traders to track off-hours market movement and react accordingly.

tZERO CEO Saum Noursalehi stated, “We are happy to partner with the Blue Ocean leadership team and grow the business together, allowing tZERO to focus on its important strategic initiatives with digital securities.”

Blue Ocean Management CEO and President Ralph Layman said, “This restructuring affords us the opportunity to bring senior management resources to facilitate the growth of Blue Ocean while continuing to be on the cutting edge of securities technology.”