Boise State University Announces Oracle ERP Cloud Migration

Image Attribution: Flickr

Boise State University is a leading research university based in Idaho. In order to streamline the university’s IT operations, Boise State began evaluating the use of cloud based ERP. After evaluating a number of ERP solutions, Oracle has announced that Boise State is its newest cloud ERP customer.
Boise State’s main objective was to eliminate the process of buying, building and modernizing the university’s aging infrastructure. By choosing Oracle ERP Cloud, Boise State has reduced the foot print of its data center while simultaneously delivering services that scale rapidly.
Boise State mentions that it’s IT team will work side by side with Oracle Consulting on their ERP integration. Boise State says that by adopting Oracle ERP cloud, the university can achieve these 4 goals:

  • The automation and transformation of business processes using the ERP system.
  • Empowering the end user with an intuitive ERP system that provides them with more answers than questions.
  • Create an agile IT staff that can do more with less
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership on IT products while preserving scalability

Boise State says that the new Oracle ERP cloud will be deployed to a couple hundred users at first. This test of sorts will allow Oracle Consulting and BSU’s IT team to further custom tailor the ERP platform.
Jo Ellen Dinucci, Associate VP at Boise State University mentions, “When we reviewed our options, Oracle ERP Cloud really stood out as a mature, reliable cloud solution in use across multiple industries. We are eager to experience the many benefits that Oracle ERP Cloud can deliver to our growing university, including greater agility to adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics in higher education and at our own institution.”
Dinucci added, “As we begin our move to Oracle Cloud, we are excited by the prospect that the savings from process improvements will more than offset the costs of the solution—all while delivering reliability and scalability and allowing us to benefit rapidly from the latest features and functionality.”