Bomgar Uses Cloud to Provide Remote Access Auditing and Advanced Control

Image Attribution: Flickr

Bomgar lets end users get technical support by allowing them to initiate a screen sharing session by visiting a link provided to them by the support agent. When an end user solicits help via Bomgar, they can elect to allow the support agent the ability to control their screen in order to fix the problem. Bomgar is most known for their remote access solutions that are commonly used in enterprises around the world. Did you know that Bomgar also offers identity management suites?
In fact, Bomgar calls itself the leader in secure access solutions and their latest offering is described as a Privileged Access Management solution, which gives administrators granular insights into the security metrics of your organizations. Bomgar says that its new Privileged Access Management 15.2 software, helps defend organizations against cyber attacks without requiring complex or expensive changes to be introduced into the environment. Privileged Access Management 15.2 also gives your users the ability to connect to your secured systems without a VPN.
“Privileged identity solutions can be difficult to implement and often require companies to reengineer their processes – taking months or years to fully implement,” says Dan DeRosa, the Senior Vice President of Product Management at Bomgar.
“Our Privileged Access Management solution is designed for easy implementation and to support current access processes, allowing our customers to quickly set up an effective line of defense against cyber criminals while continuing to work on more complex security projects,” concludes DeRosa.
The top enhancements for the new release of P.A.M. 15.2 include:

  • Cloud Access Control
  • Forensic Searching Capabilities
  • Mobile Access Consoles
  • Enterprise Credential Manager

With enhancements to each of these features, you will be able remotely manage your cloud security plan from a desktop or mobile device. You will be able to get deep insights on who accessed what and when. You’ll also be able perform audits on your accounts to ensure a particular account isn’t compromised.