Bomgar's Secure Cloud Platform Provides Remote Support to Global Users

Image Attribution: Flickr

For organizations within the EU, certain requirements must be met in order to provide compliant services. As a result, Bomgar has announced that it has begun serving up its remote support platform using its secure cloud hosted in Germany. By utilizing a partnership with VMware, Bomgar was able to gain entry into the European market so that organizations can begin using the secure cloud remote support suite.
Bomgar works quite simply. When an end user needs help with their computer, they simply go to a link provided to them by their help desk analyst. Once they open the link, they are able to share their screen, allow the technician to control their screen and once the session is done, they software records all of the necessary access information in case that data is later requested during an audit.
“As the leading remote support solution for enterprises, Bomgar continues to experience rapid growth with global companies, particularly in Europe,” says Dan DeRosa, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Bomgar.
“We are continually focused on enabling our customers to easily access remote systems, while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. Our Secure Cloud option allows our customers to deliver high-quality and secure support services with the ease and flexibility of cloud deployment,” DeRosa adds.
But Bomgar isn’t just expanding into Europe. Bomgar has its site set on other parts of the globe too. DeRosa went on to say that he envisions Bomgar expanding its reach into countries within the APAC region in order to provide them the ability to “Connect fearlessly.”
Bomgar is currently available in three editions: The on-premises server, the Bomgar virtual appliance and the Bomgar Secure Cloud. Bomgar is used heavily within the healthcare industry, because of its robust reporting abilities and access controls.