Box Releases KeySafe as a Customer Managed Encryption Solution

One of the big challenges in deploying encryption throughout an organization can be key management.
Box has proposed its solution to encryption management with its new offering called KeySafe. Box is describing KeySafe as a next generation key management tool.
KeySafe achieves compliance while allowing end users and administrators the ability to work on their apps unimpeded. This gives end users the ability to continue to save the encrypted data into their Box account.
Box’s KeySafe has two versions, one that resides in Amazon Web Services and another that is being described as a dedicated hardware storage module.
KeySafe with AWS has its perks because organizations will not have to wait for the dedicated hardware storage module to physically arrive, therefore making the AWS the more efficient option.
“Businesses of every size across even the most regulated of industries can now take full control of their data in the cloud with Box KeySafe,” mentions Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box.
“Today, we’re making customer-managed encryption easier to deploy and more cost-effective than ever before, further raising the bar for security in the cloud,” Levie added.
With Box’s KeySafe, Box employees can never access your data. This independent key control model provides your organization with a compliant method of storing encryption keys for your Box data.
Box has also built-in unchangeable usage policies and audit logs directly into the platform. When you see data pertaining to the usage of your encryption keys, you can know with 100% confidence that the log you are reading is absolutely correct.
The ease of use is the big selling point on Box’s KeySafe lineup. Box describes it as a “Frictionless end user experience.” Quite frankly, that’s what you should want when it comes to deploying, managing and retaining cryptography.
Box says the pricing of KeySafe will be dependent upon the size of an organization’s deployment. Check out Box’s KeySafe page for additional information.